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We offer solutions that fit client’s needs, offering
a variety of security systems.

Intrusion Detection

Detection and instant transmission of detailed information
to the Command Center in the event of an intrusion.

  • Local signaling and remote communication
  • Identification of the circuit from where
    the intruder enters
  • Remote control system and devices
  • Selective point by point Protection
  • Control of entrances and exits
  • Capturing and transmission of images

Interactive Video Surveillance

This Remote surveillance system allows integration of other security
equipment and remote interaction with the site.

  • Permanente surveillance
  • Continuous recording of image and / or sound
  • Identification of suspects
  • Control of people and services
  • Remote access (Internet, GPRS, UMTS)

Access Control

Access control for restricted areas and identification of people
by reading biometric fingerprint, retina, facial, access cards
or electronic keys.

  • Opening / closing of doors
  • On / off alarm
  • Activation of lights, blinds and other equipment
  • Remote controlled cameras
  • Record of movements

Detection and Extinguishing of fires

Detection and instant transmission of detailed information
to the Grupeme Command Center and the firefighters.

  • Local alarm and remote communication
  • Detection of toxic gases or explosives
  • Automatic extinction
  • Local and remote activation of combat systems

Installation Process

For the study and development of new projects, we have engineering
and research technical departments.

  • Study and survey of risk areas
    to protect by Safety Consultants
  • Budgeting and delivery
    to the Customer
  • Awarding of Work
  • Installation, programming and testing by expert technicians

The whole process of planning, installation, programming and testing equipment is our own responsibility.
This way we guarantee the quality of our systems, and we ensure your satisfaction.

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