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Our professionals, combined with our technology,
offer solid, quality services for your private security.

Static Surveillance

It has a permanent presence of a vigilant to control entrances and exits, verification and resolution of any anomalies that are harmful to the client, and also of all tasks agreed with this.

Tele surveillance

One of the most wanted services in the security branch.

This provides the collecting of valid evidence, the identification of suspects and the control of services and facilities.

When combined with intrusion detection systems, they become the perfect electronic surveillance system.

Tele maintenance

Allows you to have remote control over the equipment through the exchange of data between the Grupeme Command Center and the alarm system.

  • Upgrades
  • Checking your current status (armed / disarmed)
  • Enable / disable the security code
  • Detect anomalies

Mobile patrol

Regular watchman visits the premises for verification and resolution of any anomalies that may be harmful to client.

  • Lights on or off inappropriately
  • Gates, doors and opened or poorly closed windows
  • Open taps
  • Air conditioning on
  • State of the fences

Rapid intervention

A specialized guard will go to the site, in time, when an event is detected by the security systems.

Custody of Keys

We assume the responsibility of having your keys. By having a copy of the same, the speed of our capacity for action and response is significantly higher.

Reception and Monitoring System

Our professionals receive all occurrences from your alarm system, assess the incident and perform procedures previously agreed with you.

Confidential Periodic Reports

We treat and provide your information confidentially, so you have complete control and dominion over all occurrences.

Technical Assistance and Maintenance

Permanent inspection and quality control service of the systems and equipment. In case of an anomaly we go to the site every time and repair or replace the equipment.

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